Devotion:  2 Timothy 2:15

What if we lost our freedom to gather with other believers to study God’s Word?  Could you study and feed yourself with your God breathed Bible?

Years ago, my friend Jo Ellen Potts gave me an outline entitled Homiletics.  What is homiletics?  It’s an analysis of a Bible passage, a tool to use while studying God’s word. It is a method of study that will enable you to give a devotion or a talk.

1.     Pray first.                                                                                         a.  Confess any known sin.                                                             b,  Ask God to explain the mystery.                                               c.  Ask God to give you deeper understanding.

2.     Daily Study                                                                                   Read it.  Read it.  Read it. Familiarity breeds content.                   Apply the lesson to self first.  Live it before you give it.

                 Practice (Get out a sheet of paper)  

 3.    Summarize (What does the passage say?)                               *    Look for themes, scenes, events                                               *    Who is talking? Who are they talking to?                                 *    Are they believers or non-believers?                                         *    Write down every person’s name.                                             *    Where are they going or where have they been?                     *    What is the problem, conditions or circumstances?

4.     What does the passage mean?  (Spiritualize)                               You are looking for the truths, the spiritual principles.                   Use this following acronym.  S.P.A.C.E.                                                 S.  Is there a sin to confess?                                                           P.  Is there a promise to claim?                                                       A.  Is there an action to take?  or avoid?                                       C.  Is there a command to obey?                                                   E.  Is there an example to follow?

5.      How can I apply this to my life?  (Personalize)                          a.  Put the spiritual principles in the form of a question and               ask them of yourself.  Do not ask questions with a yes                 or no answer.  Use How, What, When, Where.                          b.  Personalize a principle in the passage by putting your                   name in the verse.

I would suggest making a copy of this and keeping it in your Bible.  The next time you sit down to study a passage; pull this out as a guideline.  You will be amazed at the great and mighty things God will show you.  Not only can you feed yourself but  will be able to share what you learn with others.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God help me to faithfully dig into Your Word.  How I long for the deeper, fuller, richer, sweeter things from You.  May I study to show myself approved unto You.  May I share what I’ve learned with others.  I love You Lord!  In Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen!




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