Daily Benefits


Devotion:   “Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits,  The God of our salvation!”  Psalm 68:19

Publisher’s Clearing House promises; if you will enter their contest, you will have the possibility to win millions of dollars. That’s thousands of dollars per day, for the rest of your life, should you spend or invest it wisely.  That’s an amazing benefit.

Here’s what happens to some of the winners.  If you check in with their status in five years or ten years; they are back to where they started.  Bankrupt!  Why?  They saw all that money and could not resist the temptation to spend it; wildly spend it.

Today’s verse promises the Lord will daily load us with benefits.  Why?  He is the God of our salvation.

    Let’s look at a few of the daily benefits of being a                   Christian.

  • Eternal life in heaven when you die and abundant life while          still on earth.
  • Your Creator and Redeemer is with you always, even to the          end of the world.
  • As a child of the King of Kings you have the ability to talk              with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, twenty four seven.
  • He is a Promise Keeper.
  • Your are loved with an everlasting love.
  • Underneath you are His everlasting arms.

You can find hundreds of benefits to being a Christian in God’s Word.  There are no guarantees you will have health and wealth, all the days of your life, however; the promises of God are yes and amen, both now and always.

You can never out spend the promises of God.  He daily loads you up with His benefits.  He’s such a good Father and Provider. God is never bankrupt.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. If you think of it; He owns it all.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, thank You that Your resources never dry up.  You have my best interest at heart.  You allow all things into my life.  All things.  The good, the hard, the difficult are working together for my good and Your glory.  Thank You Lord for daily loading me with Your benefits. I love You Jesus.  Amen






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