The Patient or the Physician?


Devotion: James 5:14-16

On any given day; which will you be?  The patient or the physician? Sometimes,God needs you to come to Him as HIs patient and other days He needs you to give out remedies, to the people in your sphere of influence.

Those remedies may include; a physical touch, care giving the sick and afflicted or speaking words of encouragement to the down trodden.  On those days, God calls you to be the physician, to use the hands He has given you.

God also wants you to use your mouth; to speak words of comfort, to a friend who’s sorely discouraged.  You have hidden in your heart; the words of the Great Physician, found in the Bible.  His Word is shaper than any two edged sword and pierces to both joint and marrow.  It brings life to one who’s light has been dimmed by their circumstances.  You may be thinking;

                                I don’t know what to say.

I once had a doctor who would open up his five inch thick prescription drug book as he tired to find something to help me.  My dear reader; open up your Bible and search for Scripture, to give out to the hurting people in your life. If they will receive it, they can be helped.  It they will heed it; they can be healed.

There are days you are the patient.  You may be physically sick or need a touch from the Great Physician.  Call for prayer amongst your friends.  The Bible says, “If there is any sick among you, let him call for the elders of the church.”  Call for those elders.  They can pray and anoint you with oil.  Only God knows whether you will be healed but pray anyway.  As one preacher said;

           “God will heal you.  He will either heal you now,                                               later or in eternity.”

You may be discouraged.  Cry out to the God of all comfort, your Great Physician.   He alone can restore the time the locusts have eaten.  He is a God of restoration and He alone can bring healing to a hurting heart.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, help me to be Your hands and feet. May I touch those who are sick.  Help me  speak words of life and beauty; from Your Word, to those who need encouragement.  When I need to come aside and listen for Your voice, may I be obedient to do so.  When I need a touch from those who can pray, may I be unashamed to ask.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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