Quenching God’s Spirit


Devotion:  1 Thessalonians 5:19

Yesterday we looked at the definition of grieving the Spirit of God.  Is there a difference between grieving God’s Spirit and quenching Him.

Remember the Greek Word for grieve is (lupeo) which means to distress, to be sad, to be in heaviness, be sorrowful, or to make sorry.  When we sin against our Lord; He is grieved.  He took our sins and our sorrows and made them His very own.

Now let’s look at the meaning of quench.  The Greek word is (sbennumi) which means to extinguish or go out.  Ahhh!  Although closely related; there is a different meaning to these two words.

We know that God can never leave us nor forsake us, but the fire of the Holy Spirit can be quenched.

I will give you an earthly example.

Years ago, my family lived in Garden City, North Carolina.  Our good friends; David and Kay Boccabello invited us over for a meal on July 4th.  After dinner; we were going to do a few fire works; with my then young children.  (Now mind you; there was a band on burning at this time.)  The area had not seen rain in over a month.

Just outside was a field close to Dave and Kay’s condominium. Thinking it to be “safe place;” we decided to shoot off our fireworks.  Our boys were enjoying seeing the little toy soldiers parachuting down from the sky.  About that time; we noticed the wind had picked up a bit; carrying these flaming works to a pile of rubbish.

Within minutes; a fire exploded from the rubbish.  Dave ran to get a water hose, because the rubbish was dangerously close to these condominiums.  Thinking the fire was extinguished; we left and went home to put our boys to bed.

David looked out about midnight to see the rekindled flaming fire.  The fire department had to be called.  Thinking they had hosed down the fire permanently; they left and went back to the station.

Can you believe after another couple of hours; the fire was raging again?  The firemen were summonsed again.  After three times of having water administered to this pile of rubbish; the fire was finally extinguished.  You see; we don’t know what was in that pile of rubble; but it was not easily extinguished.

Unlike the fire at Garden City; the fire of God’s Holy Spirit can never be totally quenched.  However, He is so sensitive; if we continue to stoke those smoldering embers with grievous sin; God’s Spirit can be quenched for a period of time.  He cannot operate fully in an unrepentant heart.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, thank You for sealing me with your Holy Spirit, for my day of redemption.  I am so sorry for all the times I have grieved You.  Help me to repent quickly; when I cause You grief by my sin.  I never want to quench Your Holy Spirit.  Thank You again for the gift of Your precious Holy Spirit.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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