Lost Things


Devotion: Luke 15:8

My one year old grandson Zachary and I made a short trip to a grocery store in Harrisburg, NC.  It wasn’t a store I was familiar with; so it took us about 30 minutes, versus the fifteen it should have taken.  After paying and heading toward the door; I realized I couldn’t find my keys.  I had intentionally carried a very small bag and they were not in the bag.  I checked it about three times, thinking my eyes were deceiving me.

I’ve never considered myself an alarmist; however, I think I alarmed the whole store regarding my plot.  Although panic- strikened; I began to retrace my steps.  In the produce section; I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said PRAY.   I asked this dear saint; “Wearing that shirt; I’m assuming you believe in prayer?” She said yes.  I asked; “Will you please pray I find my keys?” She said yes again.”

I continued my search to the meat department.  I had earlier spoken with three different people, in the meat department.  No one had seen my keys. Looking under floor shelves;  Zach and I revisited every aisle we had walked down.  It was noon; so Zach began to protest our length of stay.

I went out to my car; thinking I may have possibly dropped them. NO KEYS!  I called my husband Ben; asking him to go home from his office in Charlotte, to retrieve the spare set of keys.  Mercy, what a day.

Not two minutes after I called Ben; I felt something hanging from the front of my pocket-less pants.  My shirt had hidden this precious sought after treasure.  “Thank you Jesus,” I said out loud.

I did go back in to tell the “check out girl” I had found them.  I told her to tell those who had helped me look.   Praise the Lord!

Through the years, I have prayed for people to find lost things. Lost rings, lost animals, as well as lost keys, have been found through prayer to a God who knows where all things can be found.

The woman’s prayer from the produce section; was answered very quickly.  I should have gone back in the third time to tell this dear lady, thank you,  Reasoning that I could not drag Zachary back into the store one more time; I did not.  I pray God Himself affirmed to her that her prayers matter.  I felt like one of the nine lepers that did not go back to tell Jesus thank you.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, thank You for sending saints into our lives that truly believe in prayer.  You are an amazing God.  I will never get over, how the God of our salvation, brings answers to prayer.  I love You Lord!  In Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.







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