Keep Guarding Your Heart


Devotion:  Philippians 4:7

I closely observed the guard standing at attention; in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier.  This man did not move a muscle nor did he bat an eye. Although very young; it made a huge impression on my child like mind.  Why would there need to be a guard over the dead?  Here’s what I found:

The Tomb is comprised of three Tomb squads “reliefs”, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reliefs. The reliefs are organized based on height, so that the Tomb Guards are similar in size during the Changing of the Guard. Although the Sergeant of the Guard can organize reliefs based operational needs.

The mission of the Tomb platoon is:

  • Responsible for maintaining the highest standards and traditions of the United States Army and this Nation while keeping a constant vigil at this National Shrine, and;
  •  to prevent any desecration or disrespect directed toward the Tomb.                                                                           If  this much attention, vigilance and care is given to these tombs; why would we not give constant diligence and vigil to watching over our hearts?

The Greek word for guard in this passage is phroureo, which means: to keep by guarding, kept, putting all matters into the hands of God, inward garrisoning as by the Holy Spirit.

We must keep a constant vigil over our hearts in order to prevent any desecration or disrespect directed toward God’s Holy Spirit. Why should we guard our heart?  Proverbs says …because “from it flow the issues of life.”

God has given us His precious Holy Spirit; not only to seal us for our day of redemption, but to bring conviction, as well as comfort to us, as long as we live on this earth.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord may I guard my heart vigilantly.  Please forgive me for all the times I’ve let my guard down; allowing desecration and disrespect of Your Holy Spirit.  I love you Lord and I long to please You in my thoughts, words and deeds.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen


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