Joyfully Content


Devotion:  Philippians 4:10-14

All is right in your world.  Everything is going along smoothly; when suddenly; the unthinkable happens.  You lose your job. You lose your friend or family member.  You find out your daughter is pregnant or your son is on drugs. Your child has declared himself or herself to be gay. Your husband or wife is having an affair.  How in the world can you be content in those circumstances…?

Paul said he would be content ...”in whatever state I am.”

I want to be able to live what I believe, to practice what I preach. Do you?  Although God did not cause your circumstance; He allowed it.  You and I live in a fallen world.  We all sin and fall short of the glory of God.  There are none righteous; no not one.

Paul goes on to say; He knows how to be abased.

Abase means:

  1. to lower in rank, office, prestige, or esteem.  In other words Paul understood honest to goodness humility.  He knew how to humble himself under the hand of the Lord Almighty.    We all need to humble ourselves under the hand of the Almighty.

                  Next Paul declares he knows how to abound.

    Abound means: be present in large numbers or in great quantity :  be prevalent.                                                                                                                                                                                               Paul understood the proper way to abound. God knows whether you can handle wealth and how you would handle it.  Can you be content in the same way whether you are poor or wealthy? Sometimes wealth can lead to greed and pride, needing/wanting more and more versus being content.  Paul knew how to be content both ways.

    Prayer in Motion: 

    Jesus, please help me to be content, no matter what.  I want to be joyfully content.  I long for my contentment to not be found in my circumstances but in You and You alone.  Teach me Lord.  My hope and trust are in You Jesus.  I love You.  It’s in Your Name and for Your sake I offer up this prayer.  Amen!


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