Restore Me to Health


Devotion:  Isaiah 38:16-19

My Precept Class taught by Lee Ann Hopkins; just lost a precious class member to cancer.    I did not have the privilege of knowing Sherry. I only knew of her love for her Lord Jesus. She was only forty years old and left behind a husband and two little girls.  Her church prayed for healing.  Her family prayed for healing.  Her friends prayed for healing.

             Sherry did not experience earthly healing.

Sherry’s soul took flight on Saturday morning about 1:00 a.m. She experienced healing; but not of the earthly kind.  Sherry experienced heavenly healing.  She is now pain free; no more suffering or depletion of energy.  No more sickness from chemotherapy.  She is with the Lord she loved; with all of her heart, with all of her soul, with all of her mind and all of her strength.

                  She will spend Christmas in heaven.

My friend Becky, allowed me to read a blog Sherry’s husband wrote upon the death of his dear wife.  It was so poetic, so honoring to Sherry and to the Lord, who had given them life together. He was thanking God for their times together.  He thanked the people who had stood by them.  This man had an attitude of gratitude.   I thought, how can he write such God honoring words, even in his hour of deepest grief?  It’s because he and his wife were one in the Spirit.  They were both in love with each other and with the God who ordained their marriage.

Jesus shines through the life and death of His children.

My Bible fell open to this amazing passage; a little more than twenty four hours after this dear woman’s passing.  Isaiah’s words pierced my heart.  “It is by all these things men live and in all these is the life of the spirit.”

King Hezekiah prayed God would restore him to health and make him live.  He made the statement that it was” in love God delivered his life…”  It was in love that God delivered Sherry into ultimate healing; perfectly healed and whole, and in His presence.  She’s with the Jesus she loved.  She is restored to perfect, heavenly health.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, please be with Sherry’s husband and these two little girls left behind.  Comfort them in their deepest time of grief. Pour out love and affection through the body of Christ.  Give them beauty for ashes and strength for fear, gladness for mourning and peace for despair.  In Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen




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