Choosing the Good


Devotion:  Revelation 21:5

As I wrote down the hospital number for my step mother; I thought of her strong will and inward strength for all the days I have known her.  Unstoppable; would be a word to describe Ruby Setzer.  She’s buried two husbands, her first and then in 2003, my own daddy.  She cared for him through out his years of battling Alzheimers’ disease.

A few of Ruby’s achievements include; supervisor at a Morganton Hosiery Mill, worked at Morganton’s Deaf School, and then became a CNA and worked as a Home Health Care Provider. In the past, she gardened, taught Sunday School, sang in the choir and organized food for the sick and the bereaved; to name a few.  She kept a meticulously clean house and was an amazing cook.

She recently decided to blow some leaves in front of her apartment. Her hip gave way and broke in two places, as did her femur.  Did I tell you Ruby is 88 years old?  This is the third Christmas she’s spent in the hospital.  Christmas of 2014’s hospital stay was due to an accident.  2015 brought on a mild stroke.  December 7, 2016;  a week after hip surgery, a major stroke occurred on the left side of her brain.

There are times Ruby says the funniest things. Her physical therapist commented on her sense of humor; while she lay there recovering from restorative surgery and subsequent stroke.   She wanted to get up and go home.  For now; home will be back to Grace Heights nursing home.

Ruby has always been a great conversationalist.  Even with her paralyzed tongue and face; if you listen carefully; you can make out her words. The therapist said the more she talks, the more she will regain her ability to speak.

Although Ruby has had a fruitful and productive life; there’s been a lot of twists and turns; that brought heartaches and heart breaks. Naturally saddened by them;  she chose not to allow her heavy heartedness to destroy her love of serving people. She chose the good of loving people; over focusing on her heartaches and heart breaks.

Ruby could have full recovery and I’m praying she will do exactly that.  I know she is ready for her heavenly home, walking streets of gold, in a fully restored, healthy body.  “No more death, neither sorrow, no more crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things will be passed away.”

Ruby has a strong faith and trust in the Lord Jesus.  I am praying for mercy and healing for this woman who has cared for so many people all the days of her life.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, our days are numbered.  I am asking for mercy for Ruby.  Protect her with Your righteous right hand.  You alone know if she will achieve full recovery.  But I also know “absent from the body, present with the Lord.”  Father, you know what is best.  May Your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.  I trust You Lord to accomplish what concerns Ruby.  God, be with her.  I love You Lord Jesus.  Amen




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