The Church is Born


Devotion:  Acts 2:1-8

The Day of Pentecost was indeed an exciting day.  This day was ordained by God to change life on planet earth “forever.”  In Acts 1 we saw the disciples were equipped to do the work of the ministry.  In Acts 2 we will see the disciples are empowered to do that which God created them to do.  In chapter 1, they were held back and in chapter 2 they will be sent forth.

Everything changed after the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus had ascended back to His Father’s side.  Before His death, burial and resurrection; God followers experienced the Holy Spirit being with them.  After Jesus ascension; the Holy Spirit was in them.  

John Macarthur says; “In the old age, men served God out of fear of consequences under the law.  In this new age, men served God out of love for Jesus, energized by God’s indwelling Holy Spirit.”

The church does not equal a building.  We are the bride of Christ. She was born on the Day of Pentecost.  Can you imagine being in that house, where no wind blew; however, the sound of a hurricane force wind filled the whole place?  He was all consuming.

These disciples looked to see divided tongues of fire, sitting upon each of them.  People all around that place heard these men speaking in languages unknown by them but recognized by those outside.  The languages were given by God’s Holy Spirit.

Pentecost occurred fifty days after Passover.  Although the disciples were spending time in prayer, the Spirit’s coming was not in response to prayer.  It was God’s Sovereign time table at work.  It was the day foreordained by Him.  This day is a critical day in our redemptive history.

The birth of the church was ordained to happen at Pentecost.  Just as Jesus died and at the right moment; He arose at the right moment. The Spirit came and the church was born.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I thank You for Your divine, redemptive plan for Your bride. Your timing is perfect.  You remain the head of the church.  You are our Bridegroom and our eyes are fixed upon You, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.  I love You Jesus!  Amen


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