Set Back or Come Back


Devotion: Joel 2:25

While visiting our dear friends Bonnie and Linwood Perry; I heard Linwood pray; “Lord, we know a “set back” can lead to a “come back.” The Holy Spirit prayed right through this man of God.  What a powerful prayer!

Not many of us enjoy a set back. But oh how we love a come back.  My husband and I have watched many a Panther’s football game.  It would look like our team was headed for a certain loss and then all of a sudden, the momentum would change and the Panther’s would come back for a win.

God can use any set back to refocus your life.  He wants you to come back to total dependance upon Him.  He wants you to rely fully upon His divine Sovereignty.  He will cause “all things to work together for good.”  Your good and His glory.  If you will only trust Him.  He’s got you and He’s got this set back.

Webster’s dictionary defines set back this way:

  1. to slow the progress of :  hinder, delay

  2. 2:  cost <a new suit will set you back $200>


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