When God Multiplies


Devotion:  Matthew 14:20

Flood victims poured into the Lumberton Farmer’s Market.  My friend Tina Hunt; along with her friend Kim, spent six weeks planning to pour out blessings on the flood victims of Lumberton, NC.  These girls from Charlotte wrote letters.  They called and met with officials.   They raised support. They organized toy collections from all over the eastern border.  They found someone willing to donate meals for every single person. The local police department came to promote security.

Tina and Kim planned on 1500 people.  Guess what? Approximately 1500 came.  God is so good to give His people the desires of their heart.  Faithful is He who called them.  He brought to pass the vision He implanted.

Tina and Kim employed a D. J.  As he played happy music; the people were greeted by the volunteers with many a “Merry Christmas.”  High fives were given out as the greeters blew fun little noise makers.  This put smiles on the faces of men, women and children who felt hopeless and forgotten.

Almost all  of these people were devastated by Matthew’s raging, storm surges.  It took about thirty minutes to get all the people inside of the arena.

Rather than victims; the Lord impressed upon Tina and Kim, to refer to these dear people as VIPs.   Very Important People of all ages; from birth to the elderly; were ushered in on a red carpet. Many of them have lost all of their worldly possessions.  Can you imagine losing everything?

They were given a message of HOPE by a young pastor.  We know of at least one salvation.

On two occasions; during the three months of planning; Tina and Kim were promised six thousand toys.  Both times; what had been promised, fell through.  These girls from Charlotte along with their prayer supporters, trusted God to provide.  Daily they watched their plans change.  Rather than wallowing in their disappointment with men; Tina and Kim chose to trust the God who had called them.  “Faithful is He who called them.  He would bring this thing to pass.”

Surprise, surprise; there were toys and food left over to share with other flood victims.  Many had been praying for God to multiply.  I’m not sure, but I know there were quite a few boxes left over.  I wonder if the number was twelve?

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God; when the outcome seems bleak and hopeless, help me to depend upon You.  You own the cattle on a thousand hills. You are my Jehovah Jireh and You will provide.  Help me always remember that faithful are You who has called us.  You will bring Your perfect will to pass.  I worship You Lord in Spirit and in truth.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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