Face to Face


Devotion: Exodus 33:11

It’s been so long since I’ve seen my sweet friend Lisa Rippy. She now lives in Mississippi and is driving toward my house.   She and her husband Rip are coming to spend five days with us. I can hardly wait to see her sweet face.  We have prayed together and chatted over the phone but it’s not the same as beholding someone face to face.  To be able to hug her; to hear those Mississippi expressions and sit in her presence; will be so refreshing.

I met Lisa a couple of years ago through our mutual friend Kim Livengood.  Lisa was Pastor Steve Livengood’s administrative assistant at First Baptist Church in Columbia, Tenn.  I knew I had met a friend from the moment I was introduced to Lisa.  She is just that kind of woman.  She radiates Jesus when she walks into a room.  People are drawn to her like a magnet.

Lisa writes, speaks and along with her husband Rip, runs a ministry  called Interior Inspirations.  They remodel, decorate and help customers all over the country, design or up-fit their homes. They are an amazing team. You can check them out on InteriorInspirations.com  You will enjoy their many ‘how to’ videos, as well as encouraging words spoken by Lisa and Rip straight from God’s Word.

It’s so fun to visit with dear friends.  God built us for friendship.  I am blessed to have many friends that are like my family.  I love getting together with all of them.  The sweet thing is, we get to spend eternity together.  It doesn’t have to end this side of eternity.

Can you imagine what heaven will be like?  Oh my goodness, the anticipation of seeing our Savior for the very first time is quite mind boggling.  We will finally behold face to face; the One we’ve had such sweet fellowship and communion with our whole lives.  We will  sit at His feet and enjoy walking and talking with the One who made it possible to come to His house. I can only imagine.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I pray we will always savor every moment with our family and friends.  They are all so dear to our hearts.  May we be faithful to encourage each other while it is yet today.  Thank You Jesus for the treasure of friendship.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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