Trust in the Unseen


Devotion:  Psalm 37:5

My husband lost his job back in October.  As of yet; he does not have a job secured for 2017.  There is a plan in place; if that indeed comes about.  We were both hoping and praying that things would be settled by now for the go ahead.  So far; it’s at a stand still.

About four years ago; I co-led a Sunday School class with author-speaker; Shari Braendel.  We went through a study called; “My One Word.”  We were to choose a word for the year; based upon a particular scripture.  I’ve employed this practice from that time going forward.

This year; I’ve been going back and forth between discernment and trust.  Yesterday, I prayed off and on all day long that God would show me my word for 2017.  Three times He spoke “trust.” He spoke it through my grandchildren, His Word and my husband.  I heard the word trust over and over again; on January 3, 2017.  God is so good to heed the cries of His children.

My husband Ben and I are not certain what our future holds but we know Who holds our future.  God’s plans may look different from ours.  This one thing I know.  He’s got us and He’s got this job situation.  Our security doesn’t lie in our circumstances.  It lies in the One Who is in control of our circumstances.   This is “training in righteousness.”  We are waiting in hopefulness and trust that “God will accomplish what concerns us.”  That is a promise we can hold onto.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I trust You explicitly!  You created me and fashioned me to have fellowship with You, first and foremost.  When my circumstances don’t line up with my flesh’s expectations; I pray that I will always choose to trust You more than what my eyes see. You’ve got the whole world in Your hands.  You said the ocean could only come so far.  The sun still rises every morning.  The stars and moon shine every night.  You know when even a hair falls out of my head.  My name is written in the palm of Your hand.  I wait upon You Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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