The Voice of the Lord


Devotion:  Isaiah 6:8

Are you listening for the voice of your Lord or are you too distracted by the noises around you?  God tells us to “listen with the ear of a disciple”.  Jesus’ disciples obeyed His commands and believed His promises were “yes and amen”.

How can we sharpen our ability to listen for the voice of God? He promises, “If we seek Him; He will let us find Him, when we search for Him with our whole heart.”

Many people have the wonderful ability to multi-task.   However; if you are multi-tasking, can you honestly listen intently?

Webster says “intent” suggests clearer formulation or greater deliberateness <the clear intent of the statute>.  We must be deliberate about listening for the voice of our Lord.  God no longer speaks aloud; however, He speaks through His Holy Spirit and His Word.  I want to be deliberately listening on a daily basis for my Shepherd’s voice.

Our God is Emmanuel, “God is with us.” “He promises to never leave us nor forsake us.”

We can find a million reasons to be nervous and afraid.  “God is not a God of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. Let us “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might,” no matter what.  May we concertedly listen for our Savior’s voice. His eyes are always upon you.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I listen for Your voice.  I am comforted and sustained by You always.  My heart longs for You all day long.  There is no other voice I’d rather hear than Yours.  Thank You for still speaking to me.  I love you so much!  In Jesus Name I pray. Amen



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