What’s That Smell?


Devotion:  Joel 2:20

The smell was putrid.  I knew there was something in my car that was less than fragrant but for the life of me, I could not find it.  I also had a sinus infection that was keeping my nose from receiving the full effect of the hidden offense.

After being on an antibiotic and steroids for a sinus infection; the offense was loud and clear.  What had been a little offensive became highly disgusting.  I marched myself back up the stairs from my garage to retrieve a flashlight.  There it was!  My grandson’s sippy cup complete with soured milk, had rolled almost to the front of the drivers seat.  Some had spilled out onto the carpet.  I got some soapy water; rolled down my windows and sprinkled some baking soda; in hopes the foul smell would deteriorate.

The next morning; I rolled up my windows to drive to Bible study. The odor once again began to manifest itself.  The fragrance of soured milk is sickening.  My daughter in law Lindsey suggested white vinegar.  She reminded me to make certain to get up all the baking soda; otherwise I would create a volcano in the back seat of my car.

How many times have we created a stink that refuses to go away?  Seemingly; no matter the measures we take, the odor seems to remain in the area where it was created. We need to be ever so careful of our words and our actions because the stench we create, could linger long in someone’s mind and heart.

We do not want to create a stink that forever dwells in someone’s heart.  Let’s make sure we examine ourselves to see if there be any wicked way in us. Please do not allow “soured words” to come out of your mouth; nor dwell inside your heart. God asks us to be a sweet smelling fragrance wherever we go.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh Lord, may I be a sweet smelling fragrance to the lost and the saved.  Please forgive me for the all the times I have created a stench.  Thank You Lord for giving me Your Words of life.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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