Devotion:  Daniel 9:1-23

My eyes fell on this word; as I began reading a book my dear sister in law gave me by Anne Graham Lotz. The word is un-selfconciousness and the prayer is called The Daniel Prayer.  The sub title reads; “Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations”

We are a very self-conscious people.  I’m not suggesting to let yourself go; however, Americans worry about our appearance more than most cultures.  All one must do, is glance at the magazine racks in the grocery store.  Image is everything.  How we dress, where we live, what we drive; appears to be critical to being American.

As Christians; how do we balance out this cultural attitude of self being at the center of our every waking thought?  Many are totally consumed with their body image, health and wealth. Therefore; we have the prosperity gospel. You are only blessed if you have all that society screams you must have.

Daniel prayed this fervent, effectual prayer that moved the very heart of God.  Daniel stayed humble before the Lord and made no demands.  He confessed publicly his sins and the sins of the people.  He knew he was not called to just be comfortable.  God had great and mighty things in store for this man of prayer.

Daniel decided to pray even when it wasn’t popular to pray.  He prayed three times a day even after the king had put an executive order into place.  This man found reasons to be thankful in the midst of his captivity.  When you’ve been denied what you thought was rightfully yours; can you still be thankful to the Lord your God?

We need to be less self-conscious and more conscious of what God’s Holy Spirit is speaking to us through His Word.  Can we lay aside our own plans and listen to the plans God has for us?

When you read this humble, yet powerful prayer; you can hear Daniel’s authentic confession, thanksgiving, and intercession.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, may I humble myself and pray this kind of prayer before You.  I want to pray the kind of prayer that moves heaven and changed nations.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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