Holy Boldness


Devotion:  Luke 14:23

Seven year old Luke came in the door from playing with his friends.  He got himself a snack and began to spill out what was on his mind.  He said; “MiMi, my Awana’s teacher said I should invite my friends to church.”  He then said; “Naming their names, each one told him they didn’t need church and they didn’t need God.”  Luke is 7 years old.  SEVEN!  His friends are close to that age.

It’s heartbreaking to hear that a seven year old already wants nothing to do with God!  Luke was fulfilling our Lord’s command by asking. I encouraged him to keep on asking.

That same morning as I pulled into Luke’s neighborhood;  I could hardly believe what my eyes beheld.  I saw four young girls waiting for the school bus, holding hands and praying. My heart lept with joy.   Precious reader; I pray that encourages you for today’s generation.  There will always be a remnant!

Would you pray for young believers in your country and across the world, to have Holy boldness?  Pray they will continually be courageous to pray in public. Pray they will invite their peers to church and to Christ.

Satan is relentless in going after our young people.  If he can keep them blinded to the truth; he’s accomplished his mission.   I am begging you to pray for any and all young people; those you know and those you don’t, to step up with Holy boldness.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I pray for young people to rise up and pray bold prayers, witness boldly and compel their friends to come to the House of the Lord.  I am believing You for revival in our churches Oh God. Manifest Your presence to them.  Spirit of the Living God, fall freshly upon them.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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