Get Real


Devotion:  Acts 4:32-5:4

When I was a young girl; my friends used to say, “Get real!” We should always be real and never be fake toward anyone.

                          Fake is putrid.  Real is fragrant.

We choose the company we keep.  Although we should never be exclusive; we should always keep the company of those who are of one heart and one soul.  John Piper says, “Believing in Jesus tightens the heart’s relationship to people, especially other Christians.  When you become united to Jesus by faith, you become united to people by love.”

It is love for God and His people that binds us together with chords that cannot be broken.  Christians who love each other this way will never reject another brother or sister in Christ.  Faith in Christ creates a bond of love to people and cuts the bond of love to things.  If you truly love people, things will have value only as a means of loving people.

Why would Ananias lie about bringing all the proceeds from the sell of his property?  No one had coerced Ananias to bring any of his money  to the apostles.  Christianity is not a matter of external conformity to religious expectations.  It’s a matter of freedom in faith.  We don’t know if Ananias was wanting to impress the apostles or his fellow man.  Maybe both!

Ananias and Sapphira had not really been changed from the inside out.  They drop dead not because they were hypocrites; but because the church was being given a stern warning.  God will not be mocked.  Christians should be afraid of treating the Holy Spirit with contempt.

Faking faith should be fearful thing for all who claim to be Christian.

This husband and wife lied not only to themselves and the apostles but they lied to God.  This is very serious!

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, may I never fake faith before You and the company of people I keep. May I get real before You and all those in my sphere of influence.  I want to be a sweet smelling fragrance to your nostrils.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen.


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