Love is All You Need


Devotion;  1 Corinthians 13:4-7

As I read these verses; I realized the world’s definition and God’s definition of love are far apart.  God says, “Love is patient.”  The world says, love should get it’s own way.  The Bible says, “Love is kind.”  The world says, Love yourself.  “It’s all about you, your wants, your desires.”

The Bible says “Love does not boast. ” The world says “Brag about your accomplishments.”  “Parade the great things you have done in front of others; so that men will see you and give you accolades.”

When people love themselves more than others; their hearts are full of envy and their behavior is exceedingly rude.  So many are angry at their lot in life and it shows on their faces and in their actions.  It’s easily observed when you are out driving, shopping, or eating at a restaurant.  Men and women alike are provoked easily, especially when they don’t get their way.

One only has to turn on the television or go to the movies to know many people think about evil.  If even half of the story lines have been acted upon; you can know evil has been on the minds and hearts of many.  Almost all of the news is negative.  It is refreshing to hear good news.  We must not rejoice in bad news but in the good news.

How do you bear all things?  Is it with joy or drudgery?   Do you believe all things God has said in His Word?  Do you hope for the impossible?  Do you endure things that you normally would not be able to endure? It’s the love of Christ that constrains us to love when it’s easy and love when it’s hard.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, may I love people the way you mean for me to love them. It’s kindness that leads the lost to repentance, so may I be kind to the lost in my sphere of influence.  I want to give out the love that You have bestowed upon me.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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