When Discipline Brings Addition


Devotion:  Acts 5:17-28

The church was growing exponentially in spite of the severe discipline of Ananias and Sapphira.  Isn’t that interesting?  One would think it would deter people from having a relationship with Jesus.    The scripture tells us there was great fear that fell upon the people when God killed Ananias and Sapphira because of their hypocrisy.

It’s also interesting that the unbelieving people of Jerusalem are closer to the truth than their religious leaders.  These “unbelievers” acknowledged the holiness of God and His church.

After the apostles were imprisoned without “real cause,”  an angel of the Lord came to deliver them. There was no jail break. The members of the Sanhedrin were in shock. The apostles were vanished, jail cells locked and prison guards in place. Everything appeared to be normal.

The Sanhedrin were flabergasted!

          First it was the empty tomb of Jesus, now an empty                           cell of the apostles.  What would be next?

Don’t you love that the apostles went right back to doing what got them arrested in the first place?  (preaching God’s truth)   The angel gave them their marching orders.

The apostles were to return to the very place they had been preaching.  They were to keep on doing what they had always done, giving out the very same gospel message.  These men were empowered by God’s Holy Spirit to keep on keeping on!

  The church continued to grow in spite of the persecution.

You see when ungodly people are in authority over you; they think they have the upper hand.  Keep in mind they do not have the upper hand and they never will.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord God, I pray you will continue to use your children to speak truth, in spite of opposition.  May I set my mind on things above and share this life changing truth with all those You have given me.  I love You my Lord and my God.  May Your church continually grow until the time of Your return.  In Jesus Name. Amen




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