A Porch with a Purpose


Devotion:  Acts 5:12-18

Porches have a purpose.  Some porches by virtue of their appearance; bid us to come sit a spell and be refreshed. Some are just large enough to provide a visitor shelter from the elements, as he waits to be invited on the inside of the dwelling place.

                        Solomon’s porch was different.

Historically, this was a porch with a purpose.  According to Bible History online, I found the following. “This was the hall of judgement where the king would make judgements and exercise justice.”  

“The porch of Solomon was no doubt a special place for Jesus. It was here that Jesus was seen often, speaking and teaching the people or just walking, as in John 10 during the festival of “lamps” or chanukkah, which commemorates the re-dedication of the temple and of God to His people. Later, after His death his disciples gathered on this porch often.”

Solomon’s porch was frequently used by the apostles to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Although warned by the Sanhedrin to stop preaching their message; they continued following in their Savior’s footsteps.  They did not care how many times they were admonished.  They had to proclaim the truth of their Lord.

Verse 14 declares; “believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women.”  Who are “the rest” who dared not join them?   If you read the previous verses to our text, you will see “the rest” had just seen Ananias and Sapphira killed for lying. That would strike the fear of God in any on looker.  

Verse 12 declares the apostles had done many signs and wonders among the people.  This verse declares them all in one accord.  It goes on to say the people esteemed them highly and multitudes of men and women were believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The rest,” knew that “judgement”  could fall upon them. They chose to remain observers rather than believers.  After hearing the message of the apostles; the people had a decision to make.  Choose Christ or not.

Do you have a porch with a purpose?  May we who have porches; make ours a place where people can come and hear about the gospel of Christ.

Prayer in Motion:

Dear Jesus, may I always offer Your gospel truth on my porch. May I go to my neighbors to tell them the truth of the Your Good News.  I love You Lord and I want to unashamedly bring truth to those in my neighborhood.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


2 thoughts on “A Porch with a Purpose

  1. Sharon garber

    Thank you Libby for this gentle reminder this morning. We were created for sharing the gospel. And what better place then in our homes and porches.
    Happy Sunday to you’

    Love and miss you!

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