Can’t Dis-connect


Devotion:  Jeremiah 33:3

One early Saturday morning; my friend Marcella asked me to send her a few breakfast recipes.  While trying to send the third one;  I accidentally faced time her, so we talked through the last recipe.  We started to hang up and neither one of us could disconnect from our phone lines.

What in the world?  We were laughing hysterically, making jokes and enjoying our little faux pas.  After about five minutes, she was able to hang up on her end and so was I.  That was really strange.  ( If you are tech savvy; I hear you laughing.)  Honestly, neither of us had ever experienced this before.

When I stopped laughing, I thought about our prayer lives and how God never hangs up.  He always keeps us on the line.  You won’t ever hear an “off line” dead sound from heaven.  He’s always listening and ready to receive your call.  He’s ready to speak to you day or night.

If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you are always connected to Him.  He awaits every conversation yet to be had with Him.  He never slumbers nor sleeps, nor says “I’m too busy to talk to you right now.  Please call back later.”

We long to hear of all the great and mighty things of which we do not yet know.  If we really understood how greatly our Creator and Redeemer longs for fellowship with His created ones, we would not fail to make those calls.

There are times we feel dis-connected but it’s on our end.  We are always the ones who hang up.  I shudder to think how many things I’ve missed that God wanted to say to me because I stopped the conversation.

Just remember He is waiting and you can’t disconnect from God.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord God of heaven and earth, thank You that I cannot disconnect from You.  I’m always amazed that You long to talk to me, a wretched sinner but thanks be to You for Your unspeakable gift.  I love You Jesus.  Amen


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