Multiplication Miracle


Devotion:  Matthew 14:15-21

Do you remember memorizing your multiplication tables? Oh my goodness; my mom made flash cards for us to use, in order to solidify these numbers in our head.  We would go over those tables repeatedly until we could say them without even thinking.

Jesus was a man of compassion.  The disciples wanted to send the people away after a long day of watching Jesus heal many sick people. Some were there to be healed and others were there to watch God heal.  The hour had grown late and it was supper time. Jesus told His disciples, “Do not send the people away.  Give them something to eat.”

The disciples had repeatedly watched Jesus perform miracle after miracle and yet it never occurred to them that He could multiply “a little bread and fish.”  Jesus lifted His eyes toward heaven and blessed the food that had been supplied.

I know a missionary who ministered to wayward teen aged girls. One evening she had sixteen girls coming to her Bible study. She only had one box of spagetti in her pantry.  She lifted her eyes toward heaven and asked God to multiply the pasta.  And multiply He did.  No one left the table hungry.  You see…

               God still has the ability to multiply.

Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish and fed 5,000 men. That did not include the women and children.  There were twelve baskets full of fish and bread left over.  That would mess with anybody’s multiplication.

He doesn’t wring His holy hands in worry about having enough. He knows, “He can do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we can ask or think or imagine.” He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  Do you believe His Words are true? Nothing is too hard for Him.  He can take a little and multiply it to meet the needs of His children.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord thank You for being a God who multiplies.  Nothing is too hard for you Lord.  Nothing.  I lift mine eyes toward You and believe You will multiply and provide for my needs.  I love You Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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