Seventy Times Seven


Devotion:  Matthew 18: 21-22

Four hundred and ninety times.  That is a lot of times to pour out forgiveness.  I know what you are thinking.  Yeah, but you don’t know what that person has done to me.  He or she keeps committing the offense over and over again.  The person says with their mouth they are sorry but it’s only words. There’s no action behind it. Four hundred ninety times =  a year and four months of forgiveness.  That’s if you forgive the offender once a day.

To forgive like that; takes more than our human flesh can possibly offer.  It means you do not harbor past deeds done against you. You release them and  hold no grudges.  None. When the flood of anger or discontent begins to pour back into your heart; take those thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.  Do it.  Make it a discipline; otherwise your flesh will take over and default to its tendency to play the blame game.  It’s his fault,  It’s her fault.  For every time you refuse to offer forgiveness;  I promise the anger will come back seven times stronger.

Un-forgiveness only hurts the one who holds onto it.  It steals your love, joy and peace.  Those three attributes are critical to a life that brings praise, honor, glory and blessing to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Walking in forgiveness brings pardon and blessing to the transgressor.  It brings freedom to the one who bestows it upon another. If you continue to walk in un-forgiveness; you bring condemnation to yourself; as well as the person whom you hold prisoner in your mind and heart.

If you will release your anger and un-forgiveness; God will give you beauty for ashes.  He will bring amazing healing to your soul.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, please forgive me for every bitter root of un-forgiveness.  I release the person from the jail cell in which I have held him or her captive.  I pour out the anointing of forgiveness and love upon him or her and ask that You will renew a right spirit within me.  Thank You Lord for forgiving me.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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