Joy to the City


Devotion:  Acts 8:4-8

The first time the gospel goes out of Jerusalem; it is carried in the mouths of normal people, rather then the apostles.  Luke makes the point that the apostles stayed in Jerusalem.

This is how the Great Commission is accomplished, through ordinary Christians.  I recently listened to a sermon by a pastor named J.D. Greer.  His definition for evangelism is:

    “A group of ordinary Christians living intentionally in a                         city to bring joy to it through word and deed.”

He asked the following question.  “If your church closed it’s doors today; would anyone weep over its death?”  Churches are closing by the thousands across America.  The thousands.  Do any of the people in those cities even notice?  Does it make any difference to a city when a church dies?

What’s the purpose of the church?  I believe Pastor J.D. stated it beautifully when he made the above statement.  The church is the bride of Christ.  What is our Bridegroom’s purpose?  He came to seek and to save that which was lost.  Are we about our Father’s business?  Are we going out into the highways and byways and compelling the people to come in?

Let us begin to ask God; what can we do individually and as a church to make a difference in our city?  The church is to a be a lighthouse, a city set on a hill, a beacon to the lost and hurting. It shouldn’t be a Christian club where only members are allowed.  I actually heard one of my neighbors make that statement.  That was how he perceived church to be.  How sad.

Let us determine that our churches will bring joy to the city.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, let the church begin to find ways to bring joy to our cities.  We are Your people called by Your Great Name.  May we humble ourselves and serve the lost and down trodden.  May we bring joy to our cities.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




2 thoughts on “Joy to the City

  1. The death of many churches is happening all over our country and our world. I believe the problem is an internal one. We are too concerned with me and mine instead of them and theirs. Thank you Libby for addressing the problem. I love reading your devotionals. Makes me feel like I am talking to you! Love you sweet friend!

    • Rene,
      Oh sweet friend. I love you so and miss you. I shall never forget your hospitality toward Ben and I when you prepared that beautiful salad for us. Cooking together brings the greatest memories. Jesus was right there with us in Lisa’s kitchen. I do long for the day to see you again ….Hopefully we can stir something up in your’s or Lisa’s kitchen. I think it brings healing to our souls……I agree with every word you spoke regarding “the bride of Christ” We have become so inwardly focused; we have forgotten our purpose…”to go and make disciples of all men” Have a wonderful day my friend!

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