Short Circuited


Devotion: Romans 8:39

I had a friend over for lunch.  Our last two attempts to meet had been interrupted by “life’s circumstances.”  The meal wasn’t quite ready; so I offered her some tea as we sat down at my kitchen island, to wait for the muffins to finish baking.

All of a sudden, Denise said; “Look, your oven’s on fire.”  “Oh my goodness,” I exclaimed, “Maybe some of the muffin batter spilled out on the unit.”  The muffins only lacked eight minutes to complete their cooking time.  We watched sparks fly as the fire continued to blaze for four of the eight minutes left.  I took the muffins out and turned off the unit.  I honestly didn’t think another thing about the incident.

Denise left around 2:30 and I sat down to look for a gluten free pizza dough recipe.  My husband came home around 4:00 and asked; “Are you baking something?”  I said, “No, not since 12:30.  The unit had literally burned a couple of inches and did not switch off when I had turned it off.  Ben had to turn it off at it’s power source and wait for it to cool, in order to remove the unit.

My oven was totally broken as a couple of inches on the unit had totally burned off.  Then it was disconnected from it’s power source.

The same thing happens to us when we burn out trying to do the very thing we were created to do.  We become disconnected from our power source and can no longer do that for which we were created.

Thank goodness nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, please help me to stay connected to You always.  Forgive me for the times I have short circuited.  I don’t ever want to be disconnected from the power source of my Lord and Savior.



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