Sowing in Tears


Devotion:  Psalm 126:4-6

As I read these verses; I realized I had prayed them over many people.  There are those who have grieved deeply over lost loved ones, prodigal children and the condition of our nation and world. God heard and received every prayer.

Today’s scripture is a promise to all who know and love the Lord their God.  He sees every tear that falls.  He even promises that He has them stored up in heaven; in a bottle known only to Him. He who created tear ducts; means for you to shed a few from time to time.  (Over your sins, and over the sins of others,)

What does it really mean to sow in tears?  It means pouring out your heart like water before the face of the Lord and lifting up your hands toward Him for the lives of those for whom you are praying. When you pour out tears before the Lord; you are soaking this earth with the water from your soul.  There will be fruit to be born.

Those tears do not go unnoticed by the One who created them. He sees every single one that falls from your eyes.  He knows your tears are never sown in vain.  

Is there anything that brings you to tears, or have you grown hard hearted?  What’s the physical purpose for tears?  To cleanse the eyes and the tear ducts.  What’s the purpose for tears from an emotional stand point? Tears can bring release from grief and sadness.  They cleanse the soul.

There are times it seems like the faucet can’t be turned off, when the wounds run deep.  This scripture encourages us; that person will come again with rejoicing.  Don’t lose heart or hope.  .

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, thank You for this promise.  My tears have not been in vain.  I trust in You Jesus, that one day I will come rejoicing.  In Jesus Name.  Amen









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