Devotion:  Genesis 3:1-4

I hate snakes!  While in college; my youngest son’s roommate had an anaconda as a pet.  It was HUGE!  They would get it out of it’s aquarium and hold it like any other pet. From time to time it would hide in the couch springs, or other dark places.

This reptile was cold to touch and whoever handled it had to wash their hands immediately after touching it in order to prevent salmonella poisoning.  That should tell you something. They fed this snake baby rabbits or mice every three days.  Why anyone would want a snake for a pet is a beyond me.

While playing with my grandchildren in their backyard; my one year old grandson; Zachary brought me a baby snake! Just the thought makes me shiver.  Their neighbor Emily and her two girls were over playing with the boys. That snake was wiggling in the hands of my grandchild!  Like a pro-snake handler; he was holding it in its middle.

Af first; Emily thought the snake was a toy, but then we both screamed and Zach threw it down. It bored itself into the ground to try and get away.  I ran for a shovel and chopped it into a million pieces.

I didn’t examine it to check out its type but know it was brown and about 10 inches long.  Right before I killed the dastardly thing; I saw its forked tongue poking in and out of it’s mouth. I still hate snakes.

The devil walked into the Garden of Eden.  Yes, I said walked! These verses declare he was more cunning than any beast of the field.  He spoke words of deception to the very first woman created by God.  Eve gave the right answer.  She told the devil the very words God had spoken to her and Adam.  God cursed these reptiles to crawl on their bellies for as long as the earth exists.

This wicked serpent deceived Eve into thinking she would not die when she disobeyed God.  The curse of sin began at that very moment.

Prayer in Motion: 

Lord, I pray I will refuse to listen to any temptation from that Serpent of Old.  May no weapon formed against me prosper. May I disarm his crafty voice with the Words of the Lord my God. Oh Jesus, be a shield about me.  Thank You Lord.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen




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