Devotion:  Acts 10:9-16

While reviewing a lesson to be taught for Sunday School; I realized it was Palm Sunday.  We are studying the book of Acts and found ourselves in chapter ten.

I remembered that our Lord Jesus had said to Peter; “I give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”.  Peter becomes the one who unlocks the next door in the expansion of the church.  Peter became the point person between the Spirit of God and the church.  He was the point of contact for the opening of the church to the Samaritans.  I never saw this before; however,

                     Peter holds the key that opens the                                               church to include the Gentiles.

This man Peter had been raised his whole life engrained with Jewish traditions; engrained with legalism and super-nationalism.  There was NO room for Samaritans, NO room for Gentiles.  These people groups were considered UNCLEAN!

When you have a few minutes read all of Acts chapter 10.  There is a Gentile named Cornelius who was given a dream at approximately the same time Peter was given a vision.  Both came from the Lord. God revealed Himself to both. Peter had to act on faith.  He had to pack up and go to the house of this Gentile named Cornelius, this “unclean” man.

Peter resisted three times to his vision.  You see the law was in the marrow of his bones.  The Pharisees would even draw in their robes so it would not accidentally swish out and touch a Gentile.  They had to go through great ceremonial acts to become clean again.

God used Peter’s hunger when he went up on the housetop to pray, to speak to Peter’s heart.  He was not to consider unclean what God had called clean.  The dream was about food; however,  it would apply to Gentiles.

We are now included.  We have become God’s chosen people.

This Palm Sunday; I realize we have been grafted in because of Peter’s obedience to go to the Gentiles.  He shared the gospel with Cornelius and the church began to explode.  Hallelujah!

Prayer in Motion:

God, I am overwhelmed by Your great love for us.  We who were not Your chosen people are now considered Your children. Thank You for Your grace and mercy toward us.  May we become point people in God’s kingdom.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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