The Warp and The Woof


Devotion:  Titus 2:12-13

In a couple of weeks I will be leading a women’s retreat on “The Weave.”  I admit I was befuddled when the retreat committee gave me this theme.  However in the past months, God has helped me as I have prepared to talk about women’s interpersonal relationships.

Our week-end’s key verse is found in today’s passage.

I  have always admired weaving but never knew any weaving terminology.  As I began to study the meaning of weave; I found two terms that are imperative to this craft.  One is the warp. These are the vertical threads; the anchor upon which the weaver weaves his threads, in and out of the loom.

The other significant word is:  the woof.  These are the horizontal designs created by the weaver, as he weaves his threads in and out of the warp.

The Word of God is the warp in a Christian’s life.  Jesus is the Word and He holds us securely, as we are being woven into His finished work.  We only see the under side, the messy parts, where our Weaver has started and stopped, while conforming us into His image.

The trials and tribulations being woven into our lives are purposeful for our training in righteousness.  While we stare at the not so pretty under side; the Weaver sees the finished product.  He knows what He is doing. His view is the beautiful side.  Faithful is He to complete what He’s started in you.

Prayer in Motion:

Master Weaver; may I be thankful for the work You are doing in me. Thank You for never giving up on me and please forgive me for the times I have struggled against Your woof.  Thank You that the Warp never changes.  Your Word holds me secure.  My hope and trust are in You Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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