Darkness to Light


Devotion:  Acts 26:18

My husband and I were the last to leave a birthday celebration for our long time friend Tom Dodds.  Tom’s wife Michele asked us to watch a documentary about a tribe in Papua, New Guinea called the Mouk people.

I sat and wept as this film unfolded.  At the onset of trying to go to the mission field, the couple was told they were too old. Over and over they received rejection.  No one would support them. They did not allow these rejections to discourage them.

Finally they found an organization called New Tribes who willingly helped them receive the training needed to go to Papua, New Guinea.  Their own church raised the financial support to send them out.  In 2002, Mark Zook and his wife boarded a plane to fly to a very dark place.

It was amazing to see how quickly this couple assimilated the language.  Through drawings and drama, the message of the gospel from Genesis to Revelation was poured forth through Mark Zook.  He masterfully began to tell the story of Adam and Eve and how sin required a sacrifice.

He began teaching daily with a couple of hundred people present and before long the word about Mark spread to other tribes.  They wanted him to come to their villages to share the Good News.

Through drama, some of the people helped to give out the message of the cross.  As the enactment progressed; people began to weep.  Hope rained down.  Mercy gave way. When Mark began to tell of the earthquake after Christ died; God Himself caused their own ground to shake.  Our Lord wanted this dear tribe to know He is the One True God.

They stood up one by one to testify of their decision to invite Christ into their hearts. All of a sudden; spontaneously, they began to dance before the Lord and shout.  The words the Mouk people shouted were “Ee-Taow, Ee-Taow” which means: “It’s true, It’s true.” Over and over they shouted these words.  The Light of Christ dawned upon this once dark tribe.  They went from believing in Spirits and witchcraft to the True and Living God.

They GOT it; every single person, men, women and children understood the simple message of the gospel!

“How beautiful are the feet of them who spread the gospel of Christ.”  God’s will was done on earth as it is done in heaven for these precious people.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, thank You for saving this tribe of people.  One day they will all be in heaven because of Mark Zook’s obedience to go to the Mouk people.  “How beautiful are the feet of them who spread the gospel.”  Lord, would you raise up more Mark Zooks.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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