Master Weaver


Devotion:  Psalm 139:14

My husband and I drove to Gastonia to meet a couple of “The Weave Retreat” Committee members.  This retreat will be held at Bonclarken Retreat Center in Flat Rock, NC.  After finishing our dinner; we went out on Cracker Barrel’s porch to go over the presentation.  I had brought with me the “people weave” visual aid.

I sat the woven project down in front of us; being careful to keep it out of the pathway upon which Cracker Barrel patrons walk. Three women and a little girl stopped to look at this curious piece, inciting great conversation with total strangers.  They were themselves: curious.  I laughed out loud when one woman asked if I bought it at Cracker Barrel.

I explained to these women the meaning of each pattern change in the weave. The bottom part is very colorful and consistent, representing the in and outs of life.  As I pulled the threads in and out of the warp, (the vertically secured threads) I began to think of the family and friends God has lovingly woven into my life.  I thanked God for the gift of these dear people.

As you go to all the places you go; the Master Weaver decides whom He will bring, each one designed for your sake, as well as theirs.   I wove into the project a ribbon with small but bright flowers, representing those who are the fragrance of Christ to the saved and the unsaved.  I pray that you are the fragrance of Christ to your people.

After a little more of the ins and outs of life; I wove dark grey threads, representing the discouraged, depressed people in our lives.  From time to time, it may be that we ourselves become depressed and discouraged.  God has not left us comfortless. He has left us with His Word and given us friends to build us up in our most holy faith.

Next, I wove sand paper to represent the sand paper people God allows in our lives.  Although not pleasant or comfortable; these people bring the truth to help refine and conform us into the image of Christ.  Will we allow God to use them to bring honor and glory to Him?

I then wove a yellow strip of paper with large green leaves displayed horizontally.  These represent those people who speak life and encouragement into your life.  We all need those people who affirm us and speak wonderful words of life to us from God’s Word.  When we hear these words of life; we can choose to pass them along to others.

The next row is a strip of paper with  a picture of waves and the ocean underneath.  The waves represent people who are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.  After said period of time determined by God and you; you must shake the dust off your feet and release them to God.  Pray but release them.

Next, I wove some very bright fushia threads to represent the happy, make you laugh kind of people.  The Lord said, “A merry heart does good like medicine.”   You desperately need these kind of people woven into your life. Laughter combats the gloomy gloms.

After a little more time with just doing life; at the very top of the weave, I began weaving in white threads representing the friends and family that will spend eternity with you.  As I wove these white threads in and out; it became apparent that the colorful vertical threads, representing Christ our foundation, would show through.

Michael W. Smith wrote a song called, “Friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of them.”  Jesus will always shine through our family and friendships until He takes us to heaven. Please invite all of your friends and family to have a loving relationship with Jesus, the One who wove you together.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, I submit my weave into the Master Weaver’s  hands.  I trust that You will accomplish what concerns me and the people You have allowed into my life.   I know You will weave those whom You desire to use, to transform me from glory to glory.  In Jesus Name.  Amen



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