The Power of the Holy Spirit


Devotion: Acts 13:42-44

There are many who say one must experience speaking in tongues, in order to confirm the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit. John MacArthur states, I can’t measure Him.  I can’t quantify Him.  I can’t feel Him.  I don’t know when He’s doing something and when He’s not.  He also said there are times when you know there’s  a great freedom when you preach.  You feel like something is carrying you along and you are better than you should be.  He says, “That’s God’s Holy Spirit.”  He illumines the Word in a preacher/teacher’s mind and empowers his passion.

The work of God’s Holy Spirit is the work of God that gives all the credit to God.  In Acts 13 as the work was carried on, the number of true saints multiplied and there was glorious change in the town.  This town had never experienced so much love, and joy.  There were remarkable displays of love and joy spreading everywhere. That is also a mark of God’s  Holy Spirit.

There was also unity.  All the hearers of Paul’s preaching were eager to drink in the words the Lord had given him.  People came out in droves to hear this anointed preacher stand up and give out, what the Lord had spoken to him.  Unity exhibits the power God’s Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit empowered message changed the heart of all the men who heard it.  Paul was giving out gave out the truth of the message he had heard Stephen preach.  It had burned in Paul’s heart deeply.  It was God who worked in and through this powerful message.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is; there is always fruit of God’s Holy Spirit.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, may I always listen to Your Holy Spirit’s leading. May I share the truth of the gospel message through the power and strength of Your Holy Spirit.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen





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