Prayer of Thanksgiving


Devotion:  Psalm 100:4

No it’s not Thanksgiving.  I’m thinking of prayers of thanksgiving. With grateful hearts; we come before the Lord our God to thank Him for the great and mighty things He has done.  When we bow before Him to pray and seek His face; we do so in faith, believing that He hears us. When He grants us our petitions and requests, we need to thank Him.  When He does not; we need to thank Him.

God tells us in His Word; “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into HIs courts with praise.  Be thankful unto Him and bless His Name.”  He’s such a good God and we need to thank Him daily for ever provision.  He gives us life, breath and hope.  He gives us the strength to work and play.  He has blessed us with family and friends.  He gives us food and shelter.  Oh, how He loves you and me.  Give thanks.

Did you see the sun rise this morning?  Give thanks.  Did you have a bed to sleep in last night.  Give thanks.  Did you have food to eat yesterday and the day before?  Give thanks.  Do you have family that loves you?  Give thanks.  Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?  Give thanks for the gift of salvation and eternal life.

Our God inhabits the praises of His people.  Praise Him for who He is and then thank Him for all He has done for you.  He loves for His children to have an attitude of gratitude.  It blesses Him to see HIs children walking in truth.  I believe He is pleased with a thankful heart.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, thank You for saving me and keeping me close to You.  Thank You for Your Word because I know every one is true.  Thank You for life and hope for both are in You.  I love you so Lord Jesus.  In Your Name I offer up this prayer of thanksgiving.  I pray it’s a sweet smelling savor to Your nostrils.  Amen



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