This is the Air I Breathe


Devotion: Genesis 2:7

Breathing is important.  Ask someone dragging around an oxygen tank, about the importance of their oxygen.

My friend Tina Hunt gave the most wonderful analogy to share with people who say they don’t need a God you can’t see, touch or feel.  She quietly asks them the following question.  Can you see the oxygen you breathe?  Of course the answer is no. Then she will ask, “Do you need oxygen?  If they’ve been to school; they know the answer is yes.   Oxygen is mandatory for every human being.

You can’t see, feel or touch God; but do you need Him?   Of course you do.  The need for God is as much as the need for air. Why do we need God?  He created us for fellowship with HIm. He’s the air we breathe.

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  His lifeless body  went from lifeless to full of life.  The Lord breathed life into the first man Adam and he became a living soul.  Breath comes from the One who gave you lungs to  purify the air you take into them. Healthy lungs are vital to sustaining life; however, without oxygen even the healthiest of lungs cannot do the work for which they were created.

When people refuse to accept Christ, they are refusing abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven.  In essence, it’s choosing death and darkness over life and light.  Breath of Heaven, we acknowledge You as Lord and Savior.  “You are the air we breathe.  Your very presence living in us.”

Prayer in Motion:

I love You Lord and worship You in Spirit and in Truth.  I thank You for the air I breathe.  I do not take it or You lightly nor for granted.  In Jesus Name.  Amen







2 thoughts on “This is the Air I Breathe

  1. Cissy Clary

    On the way to the doctor yesterday I had my radio on and I was hurting so bad that I wasn’t paying attention to what was being said because I was having trouble driving. But the Lord spoke to me through the radio telling me this hurting isn’t what the Lord meant for us here on earth but if we endure it He has a place for us one day where there will be no more hurting. My hurting right then was physical hurting, but all human hurting and suffering will be over one day when the Lord takes us home. I have had trouble in my life looking and searching for how the Lord talks to me, even when I pray I often find myself feeling it’s a one way conversation (even though I know it’s not). BUT when I needed it so much yesterday when I was trying to see to drive with tears of pain pouring down my face HE spoke directly to me and I had no question that the Lord put those words and the song they played there to help me get where I was going and to remind me to always know even if He doesn’t put the words directly somewhere right in front of me and even when I am dwelling on me and not focusing on Him like I should, He is still watching over me and guiding me even if I don’t realize it. Yesterday was a day I did realize and hear very clearly the Lord speaking to me and I praise him for being my caregiver among all the other things He is for me. I can’t wait to meet him in heaven and have a face to face conversation, but until then I will continue in faith with the knowledge that he is there for me every second of every day just like the oxygen I breathe but can’t see! Libby He put you in my life for “such a time as this” and I love you very much. You and Bonnie are one of his many blessings He sends to me every day! I love you both very much!

  2. Cissy,you are precious to Bonnie and to me. You are so beautiful and gifted. I know God has great plans for you sweet girl! Please take care and do whatever God tells you to do. I believe you will be healed and restored. You will be refreshed as you rest and receive what the Lord has in store for you. I love you so much. Praying for you as you go to doctor this morning. In the powerful name of Jesus I offer up these prayers.

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