Love Turns to Hate


Devotion:  Acts 14:1-11

It’s amazing how quickly people can turn on you.  One minute you are their best friend and the next they are stoning you with their words of anger.  Go figure.

Praise and blessings were poured out of the mouths of the people for Paul and Barnabas when the crippled man was healed.  The people believed the gods of Jupiter and Mercury had visited them.

Although they were happy to see this man healed,  they needed to give credit where credit was due.  Paul and Barnabas were just the messengers.  Both refused to steal any of the glory that solely belonged to God.

We can never take the credit for what God does because He refuses to share His glory with any one else.   It all belongs to Jesus.  Paul and Barnabas were begging the people to give up false beliefs and turn to the one true God.

The people of Lystra  kept on trying to worship  Paul and Barnabas.  It was easier for them to believe in the falsehoods of what they had been taught versus the truth of what they were hearing.

May we be willing to examine what we’ve always believed, to see if there is any truth to it.  Does it line up with what God says in His word?  These truth tellers who were loved for what the true God had performed through them, were now hated with the same passion.

The people of Lystra’s faith was challenged; faith in false gods.  We do not like to have what our soul believes questioned.  Neither did these people of Lystra.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I always believe the truth and not what is false. May I hear Your truth above a lie.   In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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