Hills of Life


Devotion: Psalm 121

I loved growing up in Morganton, NC.  Morganton is a Piedmont Region surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Until I was 18 years old; I woke up every morning with the beautiful view of Table Rock framed by our living room window.  I would rather be in the mountains than at the beach any day; although I love the beach as well.

I’ve just begun reading Lisa Whittle’s book, “Put Your Warrior Boots On”, (I highly recommend it.)  She opens with a story about going on a walk in the mountains with her friend, not realizing it would be such a hike.  After she and her friend began their trek; she started to second guess her abilities to complete the journey. There were some massive hills in front of them; yet to be climbed.

In her book; Lisa began to talk about the hills of life.  I thought about the sizes of hills I’ve had to climb, literally and figuratively.  I’ve been to the Great Wall of China but some of our older people couldn’t climb to the top.  We went about half way up. The steps were steep and uneven.  The air was thicker and I remember breathing hard at times.

There are some slopes I continue to climb but through the months and years, I have realized; I have to keep my eyes toward the goal of the prize.  I must lift my eyes to the hills from where my help comes from.  My help continues to come from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.

Yesterday; I took a walk in the neighborhood with my friend Michele.  We had only been walking about five minutes when we came to “the BIG” hill.  Mind you; I haven’t walked in months due to sickness.  I was panting like a dog that’s been running as hard as he could go.  Good grief.

The point is; one must be in shape to masterfully climb a hill. I am not.  I want to be but I must exercise to have that ability.  It’s the same way spiritually.  We must stay in God’s Word and in prayer daily in order to face the hills of life.  Other wise; we will be panting hard as we struggle to climb those hills placed before us.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I will lift mine eyes unto the hills from where my help comes.  May I keep my eyes focused on You, the Author and Finisher of my faith.  I need You Lord, more than yesterday.  I need You Lord more than words can say.  I need You Lord more than ever before.  I need You Lord.  I need You Lord.


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