Feeling and Thinking


Devotion:  Philippians 3:4

What’s the difference between feeling and thinking?  Feeling succumbs to the flesh.  Thinking requires one to acknowledge and work through the known facts.  Although feelings are God given; we should not allow them to rule our actions and reactions.  Ouch!

There is godly anger; where you can be angry over an injustice and not sin in it.  You may be filled with grief over the loss of a person, a job, or a relationship; however, you must not choose to allow it to consume you for years.

We should never depend on our feelings because they can change with the weather.  When there is an overcast day; some people become a little gloomy in their countenance.  It’s strange but even the weather can affect our actions and reactions.

I know a lady who cusses at her neighbors and yet raises her hands in worship every time she gathers with other believers. It’s the most confusing thing.  Her neighbors were shocked to find out she claims to be a Christian.  Unless she asks them for forgiveness; she’s forever lost her witness with them.

Christians cannot act upon every circumstance that comes into their lives.  People are going to make us mad.  The Bible says, “Out of the mouth the heart speaks.”  What’s in your heart?  All of us battle our feelings and will till the day we are called home to heaven.  We have God’s Holy Spirit living inside of us and if we will take the time; He will help us to think on God’s Word and His ways before we blurt out ugly words.

Thinking can override feelings, if we will take the time to reflect on the truth of God’s precious Word.  It’s up to us to think or feel.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh Lord God, thank You for giving me the ability to act and react according to Your Word.  May I defer to Your ways before I blurt out ugly words and lose my testimony.  I love You so much Lord!  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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