Accountability Partner


Devotion: 1 Samuel 18:1-4

We hear a lot about accountability partners.   Most people do not want to be held accountable for anything; not their money, nor their time and certainly not their spiritual walk with God.

How did our Lord hold people accountable?  He asked them the hard questions.  He confronted their sin in love always but he always confronted them.  Our society has taught us we shouldn’t meddle.

Being accountable is not the same as meddling.  It’s seriously wanting to help someone hold a godly standard.  It’s a willingness to step in and help a person accomplish this.

An accountability partner cares about you more than you care about yourself.  He or she is trying to bring you up out of the miry clay and get you on level ground.

Many folks don’t understand the purpose of accountability partners because  it sounds restricting to our finite minds.  God tells us we are accountable before Him but also to other sisters and brothers in Christ.  We need to hold each other accountable for our actions and our words.  Both are very important to the word of our testimony and advancing the kingdom of God.

I’ve always had friends around me who held me accountable for my quiet times and prayer times.  Jesus kept His disciples accountable by speaking the truth in love.  Paul did the same. He never held back on speaking the words of Jesus everywhere he preached.  Was it alway popular?  No.  Did people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?  Yes.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, thank You for always providing accountability partners for my life.  May I hold others accountable as well. I want to speak truth in love to those You have given me.  I honestly want them to speak truth in love to me as well.  I love you Lord Jesus.  It’s in Your Name I pray.  Amen


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