Refusing to Accept an Apology


Devotion:  Proverbs 18:19

What do you do when someone refuses to accept your apology? Honestly there isn’t anything you can do.  It’s between that person and God.  If you offer a sincere apology; there is nothing else you can do to make things right.  God says; we are to make things right with those we have wronged.

According to today’s scripture; it is very hard to make things right with an offended brother.  You can’t force someone to accept your deepest apology.  That’s not how grace works.  We must give grace to those who readily forgive us; as well as to those who do not.

The Lord stands ready to forgive us way before we ask Him to do so.  We must do the same with those in our sphere of influence.  Be ready in season and out of season to forgive whether you are asked or not.  You can walk in forgiveness whether or not you are asked to do so.  It’s all by the grace of God that we can be forgiven or offer forgiveness to anyone who sins against us.

You cannot and should not worry when a person refuses to accept your apology.  Ask the Lord to make things right in your heart, so God can restore the time the locusts have eaten. Time spent in un-forgiveness is wasted time, time lost that you can never get back.  What is the purpose of holding onto un forgiveness?

What is a person’s reason to refuse to accept another’s apology? They feel they have been wronged and it’s their right to hold a grudge forever.  Grudges are  non-productive.  In fact they are counter-productive.  Go on and accept the apology and learn what God wants you to learn.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus thank You for forgiveness.  May I always stand ready to forgive those who ask for it as well as those who do not.  I don’t want to hold grudges but experience the love, joy and peace God always has in store for me.  In jesus Name.  Amen.



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