Bandwagon Living


Devotion:  Matthew 16:24

As I came across these two words in Put Your Warrior Boots On by Lisa Whittle, it knocked the breath out of me.  Of course I’ve heard the phrase “getting on the bandwagon” and obviously knew what it meant.  So what’s the difference in seeing those words; “getting on the bandwagon” and in “bandwagon living”?

Here’s Webster’s definition of bandwagon:

“Also, climb or hop or jump on the bandwagon. Join a cause or movement, as in More and more people are getting on the bandwagon to denounce cigarette smoking. This expression alludes to a horse-drawn wagon carrying a brass band, used to accompany candidates on campaign tours in the second half of the 1800s. By about 1900 it was extended to supporting a campaign or other cause.”

My mom used this analogy all the time when she would say, “If you saw someone jumping off a cliff; would you go jump too?”  “Of course not, I would always reply.”  I knew where she was going with her statement.  She wanted me to be able to stand up “Jesus strong” in every thing I knew to be right and true.  Did I always?  I wish I could give a resounding yes but no I did not and I still fall short of the glory of God on many days.  As I have matured through the years in my faith;  I know mom was right.  I do not want to exhibit bandwagon living in my Christianity.

Here’s the thing.  We don’t have to do what everyone else does just because they do it.  We do need to follow the example of Jesus living.  Living His way is outlined for us in the Bible.  His ways are higher than our ways.  His strength is perfect when our strength is gone.

Instead of bandwagon living; I pray you and I will exhibit Jesus living.  Of course we will be set apart from the world’s way of living; but we will be so much more fulfilled.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, help me exhibit You totally and completely.  I want the world to know I am a Christian by my love and by observing me living out my convictions.  May I always live out my looking up.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.








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