Telling and Showing


Devotion:  Romans 1:16

Most Christians do not have the gift of evangelism.  Does that exclude us from sharing our faith?  NO!  We are to share our faith with our lives and our mouths.  Here’s the problem. We say;  I am afraid I’ll mess up and lead the person even farther from God.  May I say:  You cannot mess up when speaking a word for Christ.  He will give you His strength.  He promised; ” If we open our mouths, He will fill them.”  The more you open your mouth, the more He will embolden you to speak up for His Name’s sake.

Give the word of your testimony to those in your sphere of influence.  Ask the Lord to show you who needs to hear about Him.  He will show you.  The people He places in front of you; may not look or act like the people in your little world.  That’s ok; they need Jesus too.  Remember; they come as they are, to a Living God they do not as yet know.

Non-Christians are always searching for what makes them happy and content; the next new house or car, the greatest vacation ever to be taken, or the greatest experience ever to be had.  Those things may make you happy for a month, a week or just a few days but then the happiness is gone.  They are left empty.

Don’t expect the unsaved to act saved!  You will be very disappointed!  You may be the one who sows the seed of the gospel into their lives.

Joy and peace can come no other way than through Jesus Christ.  Contentment is found only in Him.  Happiness does not equal joy and peace.  Go out and share the joy and peace God has given you.  He is our strength.  He is our song.  He is our light.  He is our hope.  Will you go and tell and then live out your days exhibiting those Christ-like characteristics to those He has given you?

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God; this is my prayer today; that I may exhibit Christ like character to those whom You have given me.  I want to grow in the grace and knowledge of You Lord.  You are my strength, my song, my light, and my hope.  Give me someone today to share Your gospel message.  In Jesus Name.  Amen



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