Just a Shadow


Devotion:  Hebrews 10:1-4

Over a week ago; my dear friend Tina Hunt fell and broke her elbow.  Of course she had to have an x-ray.  She got the best doctor possible and waited for his schedule to open.  (Not fun when you are in pain.)  Tina Hunt is one of the most prepared women I have ever known.  She knew it would be better in the long run to wait upon God’s best surgeon.

The doctor told her the surgery would take about an hour.  However; when he got into the surgery the x-ray had not revealed the whole truth.  Her elbow was shattered more than showed on the x-ray.

As we texted I said, Tina it’s interesting that the x-ray did not reveal the extent of the damage.  Tina says to me, “Mrs. Libby, the x-ray is just a shadow; it’s not the real thing.”  I thought how true.  It’s rather disconcerting but true non the less.

The doctor would be operating with one view in mind; however, he had skills to help him go beyond what was seen on the x-ray.  It’s the same way with the laws of God and the first sacrifices of goats and bulls.  These people followed what they saw and knew; as far as God’s Old Testament Law.  They had no idea it was a fore shadowing of the blood of Christ which would cleanse them from all their sins.

At the right time; Christ died for us.  He would reveal to those who would believe, an earthly priest would not be needed;  for He became their High Priest.  The hidden things were revealed to those who would name the Name of Christ.  When they confessed their own sins; He opened up their hearts and removed their sin from them.

He restored and repaired what was missing; so they could finish well the race set before them.  My friend Tina walks a close walk with Jesus.  Not only has she experienced earthly restoration of her elbow; she has experienced the restoration of her soul by Jesus Christ her Savior.   Thank You for the gift of her in my life!

Prayer in Motion:

Lord God, the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ has brought to light the sins of many and when the truth was revealed, they confessed and invited Christ into their lives.  Oh Jesus, please reveal the hidden things to those who need salvation.  In Jesus Name.  Amen





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