Devotion: 1 Corinthians 11:24

Finally, a diagnosis.  I shared with you my emergency room experience a couple of weeks ago.  I was experiencing tingling in my right arm; and chest.  Thinking it was my heart; we went to ER; waiting fourteen hours.  Mercy, what a night mare.  Since then; the tingling/aching has not stopped.  In fact; it’s become heavier, stronger feelings of numbness and aching comparable to pins and needles going up and down your arm.

X-rays were done when I was at the hospital before; however the x-ray technician took two pictures and sent me back to my room. I was dismissed the day after a nuclear stress test.  They injected dye into the veins to get a closer look at the heart muscle.  As I was being dismissed I felt like; “Well, it’s not your heart; so go have a nice life.”  The real problem was never addressed.

As the symptoms grew worse; I called my doctor’s office.  The nurse got me in to see one of CMC’s Northeast medical group. This doctor sent me for another x-ray.  On this particular Monday; the x-ray technician (a woman) took five to six pictures of my neck and shoulder area.  Low and behold there is not only a pinched nerve; I have a separation in my cervical/spinal area. The nurse who called; put the fear of God in me about picking anything up, which means no grand babies for a time.  She said I could become paralyzed.  Yikes!

With a stern warning; the nurse said absolutely do not go to a chiropractor either; because the place could easily break.  She told me; “Go to ER if you experience any changes whatsoever. My flesh wanted to say; “So I can sit there for fourteen hours. No thank you.”

The next step is an MRI and visit to neurosurgeon.  Our bodies begin to wear out as we get a little age on us.  Hey, at least it wasn’t my heart.  If I have to have surgery; I am very thankful it’s not open heart surgery.  There’s got to be an upside somewhere in this life experience; right?

My one word this year is trust.  I must trust the Lord Jesus; even in this.  He is in control.  He has a purpose and a plan for every life event.  I don’t understand this halt in my life; however, I know my God is with me.  I also know He will accomplish what concerns me.  Jesus was broken for our salvation; as well as for our physical healing.  God will heal either now, later or in eternity. I trust Him.

Prayer in Motion:

Thank You Lord for revealing the hidden things.  You are such a good God.  I trust You to heal in whatever way you see fit.  You will heal either supernaturally;  (I would love to avoid surgery)  or You may choose to use a surgeon to strengthen my neck. I trust You to be my help and my strength.  I love You my Lord and my God.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


2 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Libby, I will be praying for you my sweet friend! I know this is very unsettling for you and painful. I know God is not taken by surprise and He has you under the shelter of His wings. Please keep me posted.
    Love you dearly!

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