Stop it, Stop it, Stop it


Devotion:  Proverbs 17:14

When our kids were little; my sister and I used to joke about making a tape recording, to be started each morning that said over and over; stop it, stop it, stop it.  Of course we never did that.  It was just that we grew weary of saying that every day all day long.  Stop it.  Stop it.  Stop it.

Stop it means just that.  Stop what you are doing and I mean stop right now. Stop whining.  Stop fighting.  Stop making excuses.  Stop making messes. Stop being mean to your brother or sister.  Stop throwing food.  Stop slamming doors.  Stop breaking your sibling’s toys.  The “stop its” were unending.

God means for us to stop disobeying Him as well.  He has given His ten commandments and He expects us to follow them.  To obey is better than sacrifice.  He wants our obedience even more than earthly parents want their children to obey them.

How can we become more obedient.  Stop disobeying.  Stop it.  Stop it.  Stop it.  We will find wholeness and joy in obeying.  We never know what God has in store for us when we choose to obey His commands.  Greater things are yet to come if we will but.listen to Him.

Do not delay to obey.  That should become our new slogan.  To obey quickly pleases our Heavenly Father.  We need to be wholly obedient and not half way.  Begrudging obedience is not true obedience.  We should be happy to obey our Father’s wishes.  It honors Him.  He is pleased and blessed when we obey Him fully and quickly.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, may I stop disobeying You by delaying to obey You. I want to please You more than anything.  Jesus be Jesus in me. “I need You every hour most gracious Lord.  No tender voice like Thine can peace afford.  I need You Oh I need You.  Every hour I need You. Oh bless me now my Savior, I come to Thee.”  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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