Suffering Well


Devotion:  Romans 8:18

Suffering well sounds like an oxymoron.  Some people are called to a life time of physical suffering.  I’m blown away by those who choose to take the high road with their great attitude and sense of humor in the midst of their suffering.

I don’t suffer well.  When I look at other’s suffering; I realize I am a wimp.  There are people who suffer daily with a disease or a past accident that leaves them in constant pain.  I know I need to suck it up and be brave.  Everything happens for a reason and a season.

There’s a beautiful young woman on the praise and worship team at “The Refuge” in Kannapolis, NC.  She recently  had most of her forearm bitten off by a shark.  As I watched her lift her good arm in praise and worship on Sunday; I thought, “Libby you can deal with a herniated disk in your neck.  There will eventually be resolution one way or another.  Your issue is temporary. Hers is permanent.”

God allows what He allows for His own reasons.  I must honor and worship Him in the middle of whatever suffering He allows. He is worthy to be praised when we are well and when we are sick or in pain.  He endured the suffering and shame of the cross for you and for me.  He did that for our eternal salvation; as well as any pain or suffering that may come.

It is by His stripes that we are healed spiritually and physically.  I have a hard time resting and being still.  This particular incident has made me be still and take a couple of 20 minute rest times during the day.  The pain subsides when I lie down.  It begins again as soon as I rise up.  I had just told someone this very week; “I have a hard time resting.”   God may be saying, “Here’s how you rest.”

It’s kind of sad, that like a child; I have to be made to rest.  I want to be still before the Lord and hear His voice over all the others. I want to obey Him with all the days of my life.  I too want to suffer well.

Prayer in Motion:

“Jesus, keep me near the cross.  There’s a precious fountain.”  “Your healing streams flow from Calvary’s Mountain.”  I trust You Lord to accomplish what concerns me, when I am well and when I am in pain.  Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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