Needing to be Liked


Devotion:  Matthew 10:32,38-39

While reading “Put Your Warrior Books On “by Lisa Whittle; I came across this statement.  “When we live fiercely loyal to God, we will say the hard, unpopular things because our loyalty to God supersedes our need to be liked.”  Bam!  That pierced my heart to the core.  I’ve confessed to you before I am a die hard people pleaser.  God’s still working on me.

Lisa also states “It’s important to remember God and dwell on the things He has done for us, fight to recall such things in our every day lives when it is our tendency to forget: because when we remember God and all He has done for us our heart swells with love and loyalty.  

Remember to display to your sphere of influence what Lisa calls: “everyday evidence of Jesus.”  Our flesh will fight us every step of the way.  The Bible says; “Our flesh is weak.”  Just remember; God’s powerful Holy Spirit dwells within you.  To whom will you choose to be most loyal?  (your self or your Lord?)

Jesus alone will give you supernatural strength in the midst of harsh words spoken or actions taken toward you.  You can choose to respond through the spirit or the flesh.  Here’s the thing.  The choice is yours.  Whether the other person acts or reacts in the way you expect; you must lay it down.  Release your expectations and “Trust the Lord with all your heart.  Lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, please help me to fiercely love You.  May I always choose You over others.  I want to love others as myself as You commanded us but care more about what You say, than what man says.  Oh God, I need to be approved by You more than I need man’s approval.






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