What Looks Good on the Outside


Devotion:  John 7:24

…may not be good on the inside.  Ever bit into an apple and see a worm?  Oh mercy; makes me gag to think about it.  I once heard a missionary say; he saw a woman bathing in the river. Her back was to him. He entertained the thought of approaching her but when she turned around; she was covered with leprosy.

This is how the devil sways people into pornography; sex outside of marriage, smoking, drugs and a host of other things.  Sin is pleasurable for the moment but then it sets its trap for you and you are snared by your enemy.  Your flesh wants what your eyes behold.

Credit cards in the hands of a person who does not know how to use them responsibly, are also a trap.  You can have this and that; the earthly things your heart desires right now.  Your flesh refuses to think about the big ole interest rate along with the payment soon coming in the mail.  Yikes!

All of these things bring happiness for the moment; however, what glittered a little too brightly on Saturday became your burden to bear on Monday.  “All that glitters is not gold.”  My mom used to say, “Be sure your sins will find you out.”  They always did and still do.

I sometimes still have to look up my mom’s one liners; to see if they are in the Bible.  She taught me lots of scripture and she came up with a lot of “Georgie-isms.”  They usually lined up with what God says but I still have to search God’s Word to see if it came from Mama or God.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord God,  You created all things for us to enjoy. Lord, please help us to keep these things in perspective.  May we never be drawn in by too much glitter over what’s really important, knowing You Jesus.




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