No More Pain


Devotion: Revelation 21:4

After my dentist office closed at 12:00 on Friday, one of my lower right teeth began to hurt.  By Friday night, it was throbbing.  Of course this would happen on a  Friday.  I slept little on Friday night and got up at 4:45 from all the tossing and turning.  You got to laugh.  This is the third pain to come in the last few weeks.

It’s all part of living in this world.  God is teaching me and training me in righteousness.  There will be pain and suffering in this world but one day it will be finished.  Either I will go to heaven prior to the Lord’s return or He will come for me in the air and so shall I ever be with the Lord.  At His house.  No more sorrow, nor sighing, nor any more pain.  Hallelujah!

Plenty of Christians suffer persecution in foreign countries where they have stood up for their faith.  They are tortured and thrown in jail where their needs are barely met.  So I believe I can bare a tooth ache, for crying out loud.

My whole being is distracted by the throbbing pain.  Can you imagine the pain Jesus endured for us?  Oh my goodness, this is nothing.  So I must “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”  Why do I allow this little part in my body to gain all of this attention?



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